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Seattle asian massage parlors, the women themselves seem to have made a bundle of money: While the police, the Seattle Timesand the cadre of blonde network TV news women at the press conference on Massagw seemed utterly convinced that these women were "rescued," none of the women, who were in their late 20s to early 60s, were made available to comment for themselves.

Of course, if these women were truly the victims of seattle asian massage parlors trafficking and were being held against their will, the people responsible should absolutely be held responsible.

But the five people arrested in these raids aren't actually charged with human trafficking or any other human rights violations; they're being charged with money laundering and promoting prostitution. This one made international news because Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, was one of men caught with his pants down when 10 spas in Florida were raided.

Since then, the story has grown even bigger: There are some notable differences between the bust in Florida and the one in Seattle. For one, Massge didn't arrest any of the patrons of the massage parlors here that, however, could change at any time seattle asian massage parlors King County decides to prosecuteand while some of the women in Florida may now face deportation, at the press conference Friday, SPD Capt.

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East bay backpage personals Edwards said the department here is working with the feds to secure visas for all of the women. Seattle asian massage parlors, there are some similarities between the two cases as well: In Florida, as in Seattle, no one has actually been charged with human trafficking, which could mean that these women weren't actually trafficked against their will or their knowledge, they were just people trying to make a decent living.

There's another parallel too: In Seattle, the sting took three and a half years. The SPD says that their officers didn't engage in sex acts during seattle asian massage parlors investigation and made up an excuse to leave when it came time to drop their pants.

Seattle asian massage parlors I Am Wants Men

Writer Elizabeth Nolan Brown brought this up when reporting on the Florida bust for Reasonwriting, "It's hard to reconcile the cops' timeline with their heroic rhetoric. However, Dank and Diaz say this is not the case.

The Internet has made much of the industry more open in the form of ads and online directories, but this is not the case with regards to the sale of minors. Minors may no longer be soliciting as frequently on North Aurora, but arrest data shows the police still respond to prostitution calls in seattle asian massage parlors area like clockwork.

Sano attributes this to the vigilance of local residents, who lodge complaints and keep pressure on the issue. It looks like any other apartment, but three Asian girls are staying there and conducting business all day long.

Situated in nondescript residences, the brothels offer a degree of privacy and convenience to a higher-income crowd. If certain areas of the commercial sex industry are deprioritized, such as Asian massage parlors, should targeted decriminalization be considered?

On the other hand, both Morris and Dank believe our current system is untenable, and unfairly punishes sex workers. Organizations such as the Sex Workers Outreach Project SWOP in Seattle argue that criminalizing everyone in the industry forces asin to remain isolated and underground. A shift in policy could make it easier to find the true victims in the trade, and avoid punishing massaeg seattle asian massage parlors who are in it of their own volition.

For law enforcement to recalibrate and keep up, new thinking and resources are required. A version of this story first appeared as one part of a five-part story on prostitution in Seattle for Crosscut.

Unhappy Endings: All five owners were arrested at their homes, four in Seattle, one in Federal Way. The extent of their involvement is still being investigated.

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It is likely the five may merely be middle managers. Travel agencies in Southern California, suspected to be the hub of the West Coast operation, were used to lure these women into the country, sometimes as tourists, sometimes as students.

From Southern California, these women were flown elsewhere — many to the Seattle area. SPD surveillance revealed one owner picking up eight women at Sea-Tac airport and taking them to the massage parlor.

The Seattle Police department arrested six people and rescued 26 women after a three-and-a-half year investigation into massage parlors. r/SeattleWA is the active Reddit community for Seattle and the Puget Sound! Are any of the run-down, Asian massage parlors just massage?. SEATTLE — An investigation of various spas and massage parlors Almost all of the ads for each listed site featured nearly-nude Asian.

The subtle coercion came in the form of the women being in a foreign land, speaking no English, being without transportation, and being misled as to seattle asian massage parlors nature of their employment. The newcomers had no social circle but the massage parlor.

They became indentured servants. Fitzgerald considers the women victims. The Department of Homeland Security had a presence during the raid but mainly because there was a human trafficking element.

SPD, with available community resources, is working to help these women gain legitimate residency.