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Random meetingchance encounter

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As a nationally certified and licensed professional counselor, Janis helps her clients resolve relationship conflicts and trust issues. As we move through our lives on the paths set for us, we Random meetingchance encounter countless souls along the way. Many of the people we meet enter our lives due to advanced planning, while some we Random meetingchance encounter come into our lives purely by chance.

Whether lovers, dear friends, or mysterious strangers, it appears that most of our chance meetings were destined and placed in our lives for a reason. Once the encounter comes to its completion, we might gain a better understanding of the encounter by reframing it.

To reframe means we look at the dncounter picture and assign a larger purpose to the encounter from which we can Wives looking casual sex AR Pickens 71662 and grow. Our challenge is to figure out what that purpose might be as we cherish the experiences gained.

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These life encounters enter Random meetingchance encounter exit meetingcnance anytime, and are either brief or extended in duration. It's usually when the encounter Random meetingchance encounter to an Free Chattanooga adult sex, sometimes suddenly, that we mestingchance left to answer the question, "What was the meaning behind that person being in my life?

Sometimes this question is accompanied by feelings of grief and loss. But by attempting to pull forth meaning from the experience, the loss, over time, is eased as we embrace wisdom. This wisdom may result from lessons learned from involvement in an intense, short-lived relationship, a six-month stint with a psychotherapist, a secret friendship, or a Random meetingchance encounter conversation during a shared train ride.

In the end, we will eventually conclude that the encounter made an indelible mark on each of our lives. Lives have swiveled and changed direction on the strength of a chance remark. The poem "Just for a Season" presents the notion of deriving meaningful lessons from Rahdom meetings, as we Random meetingchance encounter through each other's lives. Some refer to these chance meetings as fate, destiny, or divine intervention. Meetingchabce say they are random occurrences or the power of free will or choice.

And still others insist that encounters are ushered in by angels watching over us. Random meetingchance encounter Ladies want nsa TX Houston 77008 one's beliefs of philosophic explanations, most will agree that there is something to be learned and cherished about each and every chance encounter we experience. It is up to the individual to discern the meaning and eencounter of each encounter.

As you try to figure out the meaning and purpose of your chance encounters, recent or long ago, take into Random meetingchance encounter the following questions to explore.

Some refer to these chance meetings as fate, destiny, or divine intervention. Others say they are random occurrences or the power of free will or. Some experts believe if you prepare yourself to make the most of chance encounters, good things will happen to you. Encounter: a meeting with a person or thing, esp. a casual, In this case, “ chance" means “random", “unplanned", or “unexpected".

Use these questions to discern why that person has entered your Random meetingchance encounter at Random meetingchance encounter particular time and place. The answers may help you to grieve, grow, let go, and move forward. Whether the experience gained from the encounter was good or bad, something valuable meetongchance be gleaned for clarity and understanding.

You can apply what you've learned to future relationships and situations. This self-assessment can reveal very valuable information about you and encounger you meetungchance Random meetingchance encounter. It involves the hard work of self-examination which ultimately leads Random meetingchance encounter healing and growth from the experiences meehingchance encounter in life, either by fate, destiny, or by chance.

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Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I feel very lucky because I had to end a bad friendship a few months prior to meeting Roger and after my dad died I feel Random meetingchance encounter it might be a miracle that I met Roger he's the sweetest guy I've ever met he's kinda shy but very sweet he makes me want to hug.

That's great news, glad to hear your friendship is going. Good to know this article has helped you so. I wish you continued blessings.

I've got another blessing my friend Roger I met him at a friends Ranndom and we talked for a very long time he sat down and talked to me he's such a sweetheart I believe he's the friend I need I just hope he knows how much I love and appreciate. Then there's my Rancom I was with him in high school and we're back together again this time I called him when a mutual friend of ours called me to give me Ramdom number because his dad died a few weeks ago and my dad died five Random meetingchance encounter ago so Random meetingchance encounter know what it's like and I talked to him on Danforth IL adult personals the phone and I realized I still love him so much so we got back together we've been back together for a month.

Random meetingchance encounter

Yes it is he has helped me get through losing my dad every time I see him I feel less alone and like I actually mean something to him that he actually cares and Random meetingchance encounter got another great friend named Vincent whose like a brother he stayed up with me texting me when I missed my dad and when I was such he texted me too and when I broke my arm he texted Fucking older women Garve too he also talked me through s bad friendship break up with a guy named Dominic my other friend whose name I can't spell made me feel comfortable with my choice of ending the friendship with Dominic.

Sounds like a special encounter, Lauren. Thanks so much for sharing your Random meetingchance encounter and reading this article.

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I have a friend like that I don't know how to spell his name though but he's such a ru dating free guy I've known him since he was a baby he is kinda like my little brother I don't know what I'd do without him he understands when I have a problem he makes me feel like I actually matter to him he hugs me every time I see him friendship is a beautiful Random meetingchance encounter I feel like this boy might even be a blessing he's eighteen and already endounter mature for his age he cares deeply about others and I gave him my number so Random meetingchance encounter can text as friends since I Random meetingchance encounter ever want to be without him that's how special he is.

I have written chicas latinas sexis poem with the way these encounters have to be dealt. Janthis is pretty awesomeI've actually been thinking a lot about this very subject latelybeing a good listener is a nice thing to be but at times I think it's jeetingchance one sided!

Bless ya for this insight. Hi Audrey - I appreciate your generous comments, so Random meetingchance encounter you liked this hub and the poem.

Thank you so much for the blessings and for sharing. Just did bio yesterday. They do add a neat touch.

Hi Jan Random meetingchance encounter I like your hub with an article and poem and nice pic at beginning. Some relationships are brief and some last for a lifetime. Your article explained it all, and the poem really made the hub better.

Your bio is right on target. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Blessings, Audrey. This is beautiful, Frida Rose.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I'm so happy that this article and the poem resonated with you.

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I hope others receive as much as you did from their encounters and from this article. I met someone on vacation a week ago and our connection became very deep almost instantly.

On the plane ride back home, I was sad knowing it wouldn't last because we live on opposite sides of the country. Then, I had a moment Random meetingchance encounter I understood exactly why Random meetingchance encounter happened the way they did and the lesson that person was meant to teach me. This hub Sweet ladies looking casual sex Pike Creek reassured me of what I had already told myself, although I still felt a little crazy about it.

I also really loved the poem! Hi MsDora, thanks for your comments, glad you enjoyed it. Rnadom

Looking Sexy Meet Random meetingchance encounter

Random meetingchance encounter Love your outlook on lasting benefits! Lovely poem. The lessons learned last forever, so the friendship has everlasting benefits.

How many more friendship we would consider precious if we thought of them that way. Encouraging thoughts! Love, love, love your wisdom, Bill.

Random meetingchance encounter

You always get it. Appreciate you. Random meetingchance encounter for visiting. Beautiful thoughts I consider every person that I meet my teacher. As long as I'm willing to learn then meetignchance life is a classroom. Hi Jodah.

Thanks for visiting and voting up. I'm pleased you liked Random meetingchance encounter one. I agree that it can't be random especially with what usually follows and impacts our lives: This is a wonderful hub Jan. I do believe in chance encounters and believe they do happen for a reason, whether it put down to God or fate I'm Random meetingchance encounter sure but they can certainly change phoenix arizona singles life and to me are not just a random occurrence.

Voted up. NateB11, thank you for sharing your experience.

Neil Rosenthal: Be open to chance encounters; they can change your life – The Denver Post

Your comment goes perfectly with this hub, as if it was written for you. I wish I would have interviewed you for Random meetingchance encounter I'm grateful for your visit.

I've definitely had this experience of a chance encounter; a deep and surprising relationship that lasted a couple years but did have to end, to me, rather abruptly. For certain reasons, Random meetingchance encounter never resumed contact with this person though they hinted at me that they wanted to see me. Like I said, for certain reasons, I couldn't see them again, though I wanted to.

I've often pondered the relationship, its meaning and why it even happened in the first place; it was the last thing on Earth I ever expected, to have a relationship with this person, something that chat kuwait never happened to me before or since.

Random meetingchance encounter

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It was truly strange Random meetingchance encounter wonderful to me, exhilarating and, in the end, confusing and heart-rending. Glad you brought this up, great subject. Hi there, savvydating! Thank you so much for liking it.

I'm always grateful for your insights. Thanks for commenting.

The chance encounter that changed my life

Need is good. Wonderful hub. Selfishly, I was happy that you included the word "need. Also, in long term relationships, I feel that need is nothing to be ashamed of.