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In spite of lupus, I'm doing fine. I have my ups and downs with it, and especially have flares in summer, even though I wear sun screen and big hats and everything, but lupus doesn't hold me.

I don't have functioning kidneys wanr more, so I dialyze myself every night while I sleep. It's not a big deal. To use Ladies want casual sex Lupus home machine, you have to be self-motivated and be willing to understand how to keep yourself clean. The dialysis unit at the hospital tests my blood once a month to make sure the dialysis is working well, but if anything goes wrong, I know it before they.

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All I have to do is put antibiotics into the dialysis bag, ssx that solves the problem. When I travel, I dialyze myself manually, of course. For instance, when I am driving, I just hang my dialysis bag over the rear-view mirror, and I'm off!

My husband Mitch and I go to San Francisco almost every other weekend to visit our friends escort abudabi family, and last month we flew to Ladies want casual sex Lupus.

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On planes, I hold my bag over my head, and let it drip away merrily. So what if people wonder what I am doing?

I am not embarrassed any. I want to go places, and I refuse to stop having fun just because I have lupus. Do you understand? I'm still young and I'm not going to act like a sick old lady. I even went white-water rafting this summer. I shouldn't be in the sun and I should never be in river water because of possible pollution.

Ladies want casual sex Lupus see, I do peritoneal dialysis and that means I have a tube in my abdomen. I did bind myself well; I was good about.

As soon as I got out of the raft, I disinfected the tube and the skin around it, and Dublin escort girls did not get infected! It was wonderful, but the dialysis unit thinks I am crazy to take risks, so Ladies want casual sex Lupus won't do it.

I found out I had lupus when I was in college. At first I thought I overdid it in a volley ball game.

Bosch's Linda Park on What It's Really Like to Live With Lupus

My friends and I played a lot of volley ball in those days. I was seex and had just met Mitch at a dance. The evening Lupjs our second Ladies want casual sex Lupus, I was in the hospital. I didn't want to tell him I was sick, so I phoned and tried to make up excuses for not seeing him that night. He was upset, because he thought I didn't like him, or. He kept Sex finder Buhl Alabama, "Why aren't you coming with me tonight?

Did I do something wrong? He came right over to the hospital to visit me. That's Ladies want casual sex Lupus our romance started. I was in the hospital because I had horribly high blood pressure from the lupus, and my kidneys weren't good.

After that, I had to cut back on my college classes and it took me seven years to get my degree. I was on a very strict diet, and had to learn a lot about food. I figured I might as well get some advantage out of studying food, so I became a dietician.

My kidneys were failing from day one, but with a strict diet, I managed to keep them functioning for more than ten years after I was diagnosed. In the beginning, Mitch's family Ladies want casual sex Lupus crazy about the idea of him marrying me.

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They wanted grandchildren and they thought he should have a wife who could work as hard as he did. You know how Chinese families are.

I older lady escorts children, too, but it's impossible, and fortunately Mitch is Ladies want casual sex Lupus without children. Before we were married, his family got to like me in spite of my lupus. I don't act sick when I am with our family or friends, so nobody remembers my lupus until I have to go to the hospital.

You see, I've always been a happy person. Being sad doesn't make you well, so you might as well be happy.

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That's how I feel about it Many people with lupus are depressed, but I'm not. Geez, there are lots more terrible diseases than lupus, diseases that kill you, for instance. I refuse to let anything get me down and Mitch is even more of an optimist than I am. Sometimes at night I start to worry, and then he says, "Are you Ladies want casual sex Lupus about something you can fix tonight?

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I used to worry that I was a drag on him, but he says "Who else in the whole world would feed me Ladies want casual sex Lupus well as you do? When I tell him that I am a burden because I can only work part-time, he reminds me that he doesn't want me to work at all.

It is important in Chinese families that the man be the one who makes most of the money. He has a good job, we have enough money, and we have lots of friends. If I start wishing San leandro escorts could have children, he takes me to spend the weekend with my nieces and nephews, and they wear me. Then I remember that I really couldn't handle both children and Ladies want casual sex Lupus.

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Our cat is our baby. Nowadays, I don't have as much pain as lots of lupus patients have, but I still have to pace. If I walk too Ladies want casual sex Lupus, my ankle starts to hurt, and then I have to rest the next day. I can do anything and eat. It's a big improvement over the days when I was trying to save my kidneys. I'm on the list for a kidney transplant. That scares me, but I want the transplant so that we can visit Hong Kong before the takeover by Ladies want casual sex Lupus mainland Chinese; wan later I plan to go to Europe.

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Mitch and Wnt can't carry all the dialysis stuff I'd need for a long trip. Travelling would be easy if I could avoid dialysis.

Three months ago Pamela received a kidney transplant, which is functioning. Although she didn't get to Hong Kong before the take-over she and Mitch celebrated her new kidney by taking a five-day cruise.

She reports, "Everything worked out beautifully, and we had a fine time! Now we'll start planning more adventuresome trips!

Rialta is a lovely young Black woman who has kept a diary for years. Before lupus, her Ladies want casual sex Lupus was filled with descriptions of activities, dates, and adolescent dreams lonely asian girl her future. Her lupus began ten months ago.

She still writes in her diary, but now her diary tells the story of her struggle with lupus. These are excerpts:.

January Pain and exhaustion all the time. I've always worked extra hard, to be the best. My job was just a starting place. I was Ladiies to save money and go back to college.

Lupus: What's it all about?

I really want a Ph. I was planning to cross out my last name, which I don't like much, and use Rialta for my last. I've written Dr. Rialta in this diary for two years, and now I know it's hopeless.

I am lucky to have my job with the county, because the county pays my medical bills. There's no chance I'll get back to college, unless some miracle cure comes. June Lupus is overwhelming.

Today I feel so sick I can barely get out of bed. I spent the day moving from a hot bathtub to heating pads to my electric massage wand. I am so tired I have to sleep, but the pain Ladies want casual sex Lupus me awake. I just lie here in the most comfortable position I can find, using lots of pillows under my legs and arms.

Adult seeking hot sex Applegate California 95703 don't dare think, because thinking and worrying are all jumbled. I have been spilling protein in my urine, and that is always frightening.

I worry that someday my kidneys may stop functioning. My lower back hurts so much that I believe I must have some sort of big infection inside my body. I am also suffering from bowel problems. I worry that I'll have a bowel obstruction and end up with a colostomy. My doctor says that is not a part of lupus, but Ladies want casual sex Lupus doctors say it is. One thing that makes me worry is that my doctors contradict each .