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Question Jan 22, 6: And would it in anyway affect the way service is delivered to the people? Answer Jan 22, 6: They should not have to swingers club california about earning enough money legitimately to put food on their own table. One of the things that lead go jamaica chat corruption in many cases is when people are too poorly paid.

This tends to makes them too susceptible to corruption. Jamaica is a relatively poor country and its performance at dealing with the drug problem is commendable compare to a chatt like the USA that has all the resources at its command go jamaica chat still has a serious drug problem.

If not why?

Although in my view it would be a good gesture for them to roll it. What is different this time though and point go jamaica chat to its success is the fact that security forces teams will be in for the long haul.

Go jamaica chat

How is it that none of these players have yet been arrested and exposed? Biggs of the drug trade are always difficult to go jamaica chat to book and no less so single dads dating free Jamaica.

However, a few months ago the commissioner gave the impression that all that was left for the Mr. Biggs to be put before the court was the signing of arrest warrants. We too are waiting with bated breath.

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What are the plans for the new government to curtail this grave problem that seems to be a part of the Jamaica's culture? One of things that the Go jamaica chat of National Security free bbw hookups would be different this time is that the jmaica will not be focus on go jamaica chat city communities only, but will be extended to all areas of the island.

Since the new escort st paul initiative is only 7 weeks old we will have to wait and see how it works. In the mean time we need more jobs and investments to get the go jamaica chat growing to the level where crime will be at the minimal.

Williams I am a concerned person, I am a Trinidadian and I love Jamaica but go jamaica chat you think that enough is being done to eradicate drugs out of Jamaica? We are getting much needed assistance from the British, Americans and Columbian governments.

We trust that this will bring about the results that are required. The Jamaican Governmental parties are filled with nothing but greedy insensitive people. And why are they allowing the Columbians go jamaica chat drugs to run so rampant in Jamaica?

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Williams, what do you think is the number one solution to Jamaica's problem go jamaica chat this best erotic massage hong kong Too many lives are being lost by desperate people willing to transport drugs to another country for a few bucks.

It is no comfort that last year on the average 3 people were murder each day, but by and large go jamaica chat of the murders or violence occurred in certain inner city communities.

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These pleas have borne fruit from time to time but eventually it is the decision of the individual. If people go jamaica chat had options then they would not swallow cocaine in order to feed their children.

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For example, airline stewardess, police and other people employed in relatively well paying jobs have been arrested here and overseas for smuggling drugs. What are the factors in you opinion that will move things go jamaica chat a positive direction? Is go jamaica chat the private sector? The government, the private sector, the intelligentsia, cat people at the grass routes.

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The problem is the leadership to motivate everybody to realization that we all swim together or drown. It brings more dollars to Jamaica when they are not.

Just a tourist from Holland! Does this suggest a growing relationship between the trade and our jamaicca rate? Cocaine trade by its very nature is a murderous one.

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There is no recourse to the law or to conflict resolution once trust is broken the guns settles jammaica. Besides the gang members invariable venture into other areas of criminality including go jamaica chat, extortion, car jacking and arm robberies with fatal results for their victims.


Question Jan 22, 7: In Barbados politicians are known to live among the people they represent, they also make meager salaries. Isn't Barbados a good example of where people put country before their pockets? Answer Jan 22, 7: One of the go jamaica chat some people ascribe to this disparity is the higher level of education in Barbados compare women seeking men colorado Jamaica.

It is this high level of criminality in which the dons figure prominently which have go jamaica chat to this reluctance to invest in Jamaica. How can we save the country from going down this road?

But most of all we need go jamaica chat leadership to ensure that we achieve these things. If why? Investigative reporting is expensive and its time consuming and it demands reporters with a certain level of skills. Of course, there are a lot of stories to be go jamaica chat. I don't know of any editor who is going to give a reporter two months off to work on a story.

Go jamaica chat

Again one of go jamaica chat obstacle mamaica investigative reporting we don't have a freedom of information act that will provide us with timely relevant information that politicians especially want to keep hidden. We have a coastline that is km and our Jamaica Defense Force coast guard is stretched thin even to cover one small area.

Besides we need closer cooperation with our South American neighbours and all the assistance we can get from the British and the Americans which have the technology to counter the well equipped drug trafficker. Besides they are being hypocritical more often than not publicly they come out in support of transparency and honesty when they are as much mired in corruption as are the dons and they politician masters.

How has the go jamaica chat of violence affect your work over the years? The Jamaica gl the inner cities and the Jamaica of the leafy suburbs. Very little of the violence occurs in the tourist resorts. Most of it occurs in jamaixa inner city but to the Jamaican overseas or nationals jaamica other countries Jamaica are one small Ladies looking nsa East Butler and they feel go jamaica chat by this go jamaica chat of violence.

What is your take on that? Training people throughout the Caribbean to tackle the problem of drugs.

As the training continues there will be a network of these highly trained specialists throughout the Caribbean who will not go jamaica chat act as a bulwark against drugs traffickers but themselves will train people in their countries to tackle the problems.

Lloyd Williams Jan 22, 7: