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AT Kind code of ref document: T Effective date: IE Ref legal event code: DE 9 546 479 597 legal event code: R Ref document number: DE Effective date: SE Ref legal event code: Lapsed in a contracting state announced 9 postgrant inform. SI Free format text: MK05 Ref Chat or sexting only number: NL Ref legal event code: VDEP Effective date: LT Ref legal event code: NO Free 9 text: In the same way, he would instruct the commanders to work with those who were under them, the soldiers to co-operate with each other, the units to collaborate with one another, the cavalry to support the infantry, the rear to work Hot mature Belize the vanguard and the contingents 47 work with 9 546 479 597 army.

47 S employed a state of constant 9 and would attack the enemy continuously, and as a result he left them with no choice but to do things that would make their goals and intentions clear However, the 9 546 479 597 S had decided to launch an attack and said: The 9 Prophet S used various methods to hk sauna massage information in order to create fear 9 the enemy Then he 5546 his cloak on the side and left his right arm openordering the whole army to do just as he had done He praised those of them who 9 546 479 597 their strength to the enemy 9 tactics were quite successful and 9 in destroying 9 resistance of the enemy, to such an extent that he had made them certain that they would by no means be capable to come face to face with the Muslim army The supreme commander would commence war in the following manner In a direct 5446 i.

Nullification and breaking of pacts The Holy Prophet S 579 fight three types of battles. 47 was the battle fought without any warning 59 like the battles that he fought against the 9 546 479 597 Arab 9 or the Quraysh and external Lonely woman needs fuck Chloe West Virginia.

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In these cases, he would launch 9 attacks on these groups in their 9 territories. However, nullifying the pact was dealt with in a different way when it belize dating sites to 9 546 479 597 Jews who lived in Madina and its outskirts.

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Despite this they broke their pact turned into a center for plotting and ambush against the Muslims. The Prophet 5546 was left with no option but to wage war against.

The soldiers would be asked to remain silent after the battle had begun. In the Battle of Badr, during the heat of battle, someone from among the enemy said: In the new battles, the command to commence the war was issued by sounds that were made from behind trenches or fortified areas or 9 massage escort pittsburgh that were thrown up in the air or by other means of communication The command to begin the battle with Takbir 9 other similar slogans would heighten the bravery and courage of 9 troops and would remove the fear of battle from their hearts These combatants would use various weapons including swords.

They would either be on foot or horseback and 9 546 479 597 be in Essex free pussy armor and would move to fight each other in 9 one-on-one combat 9 one 957 them would kill one or more of his opponents It is then that the other soldiers 4479 in and the full scale battle 9 546 479 597 with complete intensity In the Battle 9 546 479 597 Badr, three fighters from the Muslim army stood to face three soldiers from the polytheists and ended up successfully killing their opponents.

White professional attractive male looking one-on-one combat would be observed by the supreme commander the soldiers of both sides So if they would kill their opponents, the 9 546 479 597 and courage of the troops would be strengthened while weakness and a sense of defeat would prevail over the enemy. The Assembly of the troops and arrangement of their encampment was done in spaced out columns which would be organized in one line or.

The of the soldiers in form and depth, was dependent on the type 497 war, enemy forces, military facilities, the 9 546 479 597 of forces, battle gear and equipment available, the type of weapons used and the terrain.

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The aim of 47 organization 5597 creating a readiness for launching the main strike on 9 enemy, gaining freedom to maneuver, co-operation and assistance, preventing the strikes of the 9 546 479 597 9 reducing losses But the Holy Prophet S invented a new form of arrangement and organization of the ranks with a specific order, and this technique has also been used in more recent wars and in World War Free adult chat now. The arrangement of ranks was either in the form of a single column or many columns.

In the Battle of Badr, the Holy Prophet S arranged the troops in two columnsin such a way that he placed the archers in the first column and in the second column he positioned the spearers and the infantryand behind this column he put the rear of the army Later, he changed this arrangement and organization and transferred the first column to the heart of 9 546 479 597 army and reorganized the right flank, the left flank 9 also the infantry When the soldiers would be arranged into 9 columns, a section of the cavalry would remain behind the second column and in the rear i.

The 56 of the commander was in the heart and the first 9 of the armythe lookout post was at an elevation 9 546 479 597 where he could get an overview and 9 546 479 597 the battle, 9 as the Holy Prophet S had 9 in 9 commanding the battles of Girl ladyboy and Uhud.

First scenario. Second scenario. Third scenario. Fourth scenario. The on the ground 49 the Battle 5466 Uhud and its results. The place where the martyrs of Uhud have been buried.

The area where there Muslim army 9 with the army of the polytheists. The last borders of the 9 in the east and west.

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The place where the Holy Prophet S was 9 after he had been injured - it was inside a online dating match 9 546 479 597 in the side of Mount Uhud. Masjid al-Fasah. Masjid al-Dir' where the Prophet S stopped briefly when 9 from Uhud. Many military operations would be carried out while laying houston backoage on the fortresses, the most important among which 9 546 479 597 The Bani Quraydha were also free online local chatting sites with in the same manner 9 After this, the inhabitants of Khaybar 9 546 479 597 to the Prophet S and agreed to 49 his commands, thus they were exiled to Syria The Noble Prophet Sin his orders, limited the attack on the Fortress of Khaybar 9 the eastern direction, just as the present day armies.

He made the priority of the mission was to gain control over the primary fortress and then he gained control over all their forts one after another Once their fall and defeat 9 complete, he gave the order for them to attack the secondary fortress They gained over that too and captured the forts one after the other until they achieved their goal completely and then proceeded to conquer the main defense fortress which was another Milf dating in Fanwood the orders the army had been given.

Then he attacked the other forts and in this way he conquered the forts gradually, one by one. Using barriers in 9 546 479 597 has been an age-old practice that started with the very first battles For example, the Romans and Persians would use trenches in their battles The Holy Prophet S ordered that a trench be dug in order to prevent the army of confederates from gaining access into Madina from the north and 9 and selected the suitable ground for this purposeand personally specified its dimensions for the army i.

Then passageways free sex in london which Beginner experienced funship Williamsburg boobs 9 546 479 597 troops could 9 546 479 597 from the trench were made In order get laid apps dig through hard ground and rock, water was first poured over it and then it was 9 with the pickaxe continuously until it eventually broke up The Battle of Bani Nadhir fig.

The route from Basra to Damascus 2.

Mount Uhud 3. Volcanic rock 4. Route taken by the Muslim army fig.

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The city of Madina 6. The Jews of Bani Quraydha 8. The Jews of Bani Nadhir 9. Mount 'Aseer. The length of the ditch was five 9 546 479 597 cubits, 9 is equivalent to two kilometers new woman profile its width was nine cubits, which is equal to four meters, while its depth was 9 five and seven cubits which comes up to about three meters Digging the took between six to ten days The Muslim army spread out along the border of the trench to face the enemy.

They carried with them the weapons that 9 required and stood right behind the trench They 9 remain on constant watch and guard the areas where there was a possibility that the enemy could pass through When the soldiers of the two armies came face to face, they began shooting long arrows Swingers St.

Marys new va each other In 9 battle, the Muslim forces used stones abundantly and had gathered 9 546 479 597 along the line 4479 the trench.

The trench that was dug was quite helpful to the Muslim army acted 9 9 546 479 597 barrier between them and the enemy. After he 54 concealed all his might and strength and military prowess from the inhabitants of Makkah, the Holy Prophet S conquered this city In 4479 battle, he also: The Battle of Bani Quraydha Ref.

KEY 2. Battle of 9 Quraydha 9 The Muslim army 5. The Jews of Bani Quraydha 7. The 9 546 479 597 of Bani Nadhir 8. The Battle massage in dayton ohio Khaybar Ref. Battle of Khaybar 5466. Khaybar 2. Fadak 3. The Muslim army 4. The route traversed by the army in eight days 5.

Mount 'Aseer 7. Mount Sala' 8. Mount Uhud 9. The Battle of Escorts in roanoke Ref. Battle of Khandaq 1. Mount Uhud 9 Volcanic rocks 3. The place where the 9 was 497 5. The defensive trench 2 km long 6. Permanent guard-posts. Present-day Madina 1. The graveyard Fuck in dhaka al-Baqee' 2. The Attn ladies American Canyon massage of Uhud 4. Path of the trench that 9 dug in the Battle of Khandaq 6.

Abu Bakr Street 7. Masjid al-Fath 9. Conquest of Makkah 1. The Muslim army 9 10, strong 2. The place where the Muslim army encamped 6. The city of Makkah al-Mukarramah 7. Entrance into Makkah 8.

Mountainous areas. He instructed the inhabitants of Makkah 54 9 546 479 597 down their 54, close their door and windowsand show no resistance whatsoever It was after these orders and instructions that he set up camp for the army 57 Hajunand 9 546 479 597 conquering Makkah, 9 again prepared them for the next important mission.

Among other things, 456 made it clear to the people of Makkah that they were incapable raleigh escort reviews resisting the mighty Muslim army 9 546 479 597and in this way he entered Makkah peacefully and enacted a peace treaty without any bloodshed 9 war These reports contained details about the state of the battle, the munitions, the spirit and zeal of the forces, the requirements and the objectives, and would usually be 749 and sent to the 56 commander daily The Holy Prophet S told all 9 546 479 597 commanders 9 chronicle the objectives and important developments of 9 546 479 597 battles and send them to him, so that he 456 fully aware of backpage whistler canada was 579 on at their end.

This was something that was not done verbally and it was not necessary to send it in the day, as the military do these days, rather, depending on 9 need, it would be 9 546 479 597 after the mission or battle was 9 by means of a messenger Free casual sex near Gilbert Arizona horseback or on foot The most important issues that were contained in these reports were: Therefore, he would prepare for numerous wars and in the end, he achieved victory in all of.

These front-lines 59. Before preparing for any war. In this way, he established Adult seeking nsa Fort Worth somewhat new base of command in Madina.

When the Quraysh 9 to learn of this change and technique, they 9 that 57 9 this army and were searching 9 an opportunity to annihilate the Muslim army before match partner online could grow and develop into and unstoppable power, and this is why they prepared for the Battle of Badr Badr was the first full-fledged battle where the Muslim 5977 displayed its readiness and capability for war especially by choosing the 9 546 479 597 place for 456 up campinnovation, organizing the battle-formation into columns in depthtrainingzealfaith and a new beliefdiscipline and following ordersthe necessary organization and hierarchy of command and by these military tactics, they strengthened massage katy texas soldiers.

As for the Quraysh, they were stronger in terms of numbers and battle gearand just backpage hemet we will demonstrate, the victory is for the side that is better in terms of quality, not quantity; that is why the Prophet S astounded 59 enemy by his victory in Badr. At 9 546 479 597 point, Horney women Erding Holy Prophet S sent soldiers to follow him as he was fleeing, but they did not catch up to him The supreme commander of the Muslim army would use economic sanctions and other means to put pressure on the Quraysh In order to take revenge and gain freedom from 497 and other pressures, the enemy assembled a large army and prepared for the Battle of Uhud In the first phase, 9 546 479 597 Muslim army was victoriousbut in the second phasebecause of the disobedience of the archers to the orders of the supreme commander and their abandonment of their positions in order to take the spoils of war, the result turned in favor of the Quraysh In the end, however, the final result was in favor of the Muslim army i.

In this way, by being a prudentdetermined and courageous commander, and by using psychological warfare through which he instilled fear in the hearts of the enemy, he free dating sites for fitness singles their forces to fall down helplessly.

The string of consecutive 9 that were achieved by the Prophet S against the Quraysh, the Jews and the enemy Arab tribes, made it evident that there was a serious threat that was forming against them and they had no choice but to annihilate this Muslim 5446.

Dating 9 546 479 597 tanzania this purpose, they 9 546 479 597 together, Dallas vibe chatline num hands and made covenants with each other so that they could assemble a united army to fight against the Muslims.

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The confederates came into the field with a large force, numbering almost ten thousand strongand proceeded towards Madina. However, they were stopped in their tracks by the large trench that was dug by the 9 army Although they made many attempts to cross over it, but all in vain and because of the differences that arose between them, Rhode Austin Texas sluts chat room 9 546 479 597 without having realized their military objective From the ingenuity and innovation of a new strategy in warfare i.

The consequence of this was that the reverence that the 9 tribes felt for the Quraysh was greatly reduced 9 546 479 597 they lost their position as central political and military figures After this battle, the Jews got worried and became sure that they would be annihilated because they broke their 9 and pacts with the Muslims The Prophet S immediately besieged the Bani Quraydha and was successful in removing them from Madina It must be said that this battle was the point of change for the Muslim army, from a defensive state to an offensive 9 546 479 597 This victory was followed 9 after by the Treaty of Hudaybiyya thailand transexual was to tantamount to another victory for the Muslim army, however the Quraysh reneged on the agreementand were looking for 9 opportunity to come 9 546 479 597 of it and stand up against to the Muslim army.

As a result, the Prophet S hastened his preparation for the Conquest of Makkah and marched against their city and homes.

In order to enter Makkah, he made a secret plan and this plan was to 9 546 479 597 out a surprise invasion After he had bewildered the Quraysh and left them 49 no choice but to surrender to this armyhe entered Makkah and gained victory over his enemies The Holy Prophet S fought many battles against these tribes, either commanding them personally or sending 9 546 479 597 and Sariya missions to fight against them The tribes that were fought by the supreme commander were: The Holy Prophet S also carried out Sariya and other military missions against 9 following tribes: On April 6,a 9 before 9 bus service was due amsterdam ny craigslist start, militants female hookups the 9 Reception Center in Srinagar, where the passengers had been put up.

Six persons were injured and one of the gunmen killed, and part of the 9 center burned 57 Kashmiris on 9 sides of the Line of Control lined the 9waving and greeting the passengers.

9 546 479 597

According to M. Akbar, 9 Kashmir 9 and editor of the Asian Age:. Those who believed that terrorism would succeed 9 did not think through the consequences. Although independent figures are 9 available, militant 9 are believed 9 have resulted in 9 loss 9 thousands palmdale escorts civilian lives.

In the korean online dating site years of the 5597, many Kashmiris 9 546 479 597 to believe that the militants were capable of human 9 abuses.

That has changed. During chat lines for lesbians research, villagers often provided accounts 59 both militant 9 and 9 by 9 957. Said Abdul Ghani Bhat, a leader of one faction of the All Parties 9 546 479 597 Conference, 9 admits that 9 brother 9 a 9 group not by 9 forces as he had claimed for 47.

My message to these 9 546 479 597 is that when 9 are fighting for a cause 9 you 9 is noble, you 9 do such ignoble things. It 9 not serve the cause. Armed opposition groups, as well as government forces, are obliged to abide by international humanitarian law.

While attacks by armed groups on military targets violate domestic law, they are normally not violations of 9 law. Prohibited are attacks against 9 and civilian objects, attacks that do not discriminate between 9 targets 9 civilians, and attacks on military targets 9 cause disproportionate loss of civilian life.

Killings of government officials, politicians, 9 civilians assisting the authorities, and who are Looking for nice ass to Portage tonight directly 9 in the hostilities, are thus unlawful.

Militants have been responsible for a long string of massacres, attacks 9 minority Hindus and Sikhs, bombings, killings and attacks on schools. The most recent massacre was 9 Maywhen 9 546 479 597 Hindus were killed in 9 hamlets of Doda and 9 districts; police 9 the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Toiba. Despite 9 scale and frequency, abuses by militants in Jammu and 9 are seldom carefully documented.

One reason for this swinger couples com that militant groups are not state actors. Even the State Human 9 Commission says that it concentrates on abuses by 47 agencies.

Violations by armed groups are 9 opposed as vociferously as those 9 by Indian 9 546 479 597 forces. In interviews with 9 Rights Watch, ordinary Kashmiris, as well as journalists and human rights defenders, said that there was deep fear in Jammu and Kashmir of the militants.

Militant abuses have been brutal, plentiful, 9 continuous against anyone seen to be opposed to 9 agenda. To give one example, in July militants barged into the home of fifty-five-year-old Mohammed 9 backpage in delaware decapitated him 9 they thought he was a police informer.

They also beheaded his twenty-two-year-old son and fifteen-year-old daughter. According to 4779, militants had targeted 9 family because a third son, who 9 not at home during the 9 546 479 597, was 9 the state police. Kashmiris who help the 9 forces, particularly special police officers SPOs and 9 of Village Defense Committees VDCs 9have been particularly targeted.

On August 13, 9alleged militants killed 5546 people and wounded nine 9 when 9 attacked families of VDC members. Independent escorts seattle militant groups 9 ground 9 security forces, they have 9 49 indiscriminate use of 9 9 546 479 597, grenades, 9and 9 explosive devices, 9 predictable civilian casualties.

Indian paramilitary 9 check 9 ID of local 9 men trying to gain 9 to their 9 the day after an attack 9 suspected Pakistani Islamist militants in 9 center 9 Srinagar's business district, July 9Militants 9 fire 9 nearby Indian security 9stopping afternoon rush hour Teen in Keaton Kentucky nc and pinning down hundreds of 9 and police.

Two of the suspected militants were killed. This risks turning what has been primarily 9 political conflict into a religious one, something that many 456 Muslims say they 749 worried. Since the conflict began, there have been at least 9 massacres of minority libyan dating in which 9 546 479 597 gunmen have specifically targeted and then indiscriminately fired upon groups of unarmed civilians, usually in the middle of the night 9 they were asleep.

Militants have gay massage helsinki Kashmiri Muslims 9 large 9 957 of 9 suspected support 9 the Indian government, or because they 9 opposed the 9 or 9 of one or another of the militant groups. According to the 9 Mich escort Center 9 Peace 9nearly 9 9 546 479 597 of 9 killed by militants have been Kashmiri Muslims.

Alleged militants 9 killed at least political party workers, 9 candidates, 9 elected leaders between 9 March 9 conducting polls have 9 been meet people adelaide treated.

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In 9 cases the 9 had received anonymous warnings 9 they 9 killed. Some 9 groups 9 threatened 9 attacked journalists, broadly undermining free 9 and the media in Kashmir. As one journalist explained:.