Take Your Motorola MPx200 Apart


MPx 200

This page explains how to take apart the Motorola MPx 200 step by step.

Reasons why you may want to do this:

While we have done our best to make those instructions as clear as possible, you should be aware that taking your phone apart may lead to damage of the casing and/or the electronic components. If you are not comfortable carrying out any of the steps below, please leave it to a professional.

TECHPAEDIA does not accept any liability for any damage that may be caused to your phone or to yourself by carrying out the following steps.

Should you decide to go ahead,

You will need:
A standard flathead screwdriver (the smaller, the better)

Bulgin Flathead
Flathead Screwdriver – Photo M.1

A Torx T5 screwdriver – Available from Maplin Electronics [Product Number: N10BB]

TORX T5 Screwdriver – Photo M.2

Note: Steps denoted with a * indicate that sensitive or fragile parts/components are involved. We advise that you take extra care with those steps to minimise the risk of damage to your phone.


Take off the back cover, the battery and the SIM card.

Back Cover
Photo M.3


Using the T5 screw driver (Photo M.3), unscrew the 4 screws illustrated in Photo M.3

Back Screws
Photo M.4


Use the flathead screwdriver to undo* the plastic clips, as illustrated in Photo M.5 and M.6. Then pull the plastic cover out and set it aside as we will use it again in Step 11.

Unclip Left
Photo M.5

Unclip Right
Photo M.6



SD Card Reader and Data Connector
Photo M.7

Unclip Data Connector
Photo M.8

You should now be able to see the SD card reader and the data cable (Photo M.7) on the top of the MPx200 circuit board.

Using the flathead screwdriver, carefully lift up the data cable connector. You should then be able to remove the complete circuit board from the casing, exposing the keypad, as shown in Photo M.9.

Keypad Exposed
Photo M.9


Remove the keypad and the power button – Photo M.10

Bare Back Case
Photo M.10


Step 6*
Turn the phone over and very carefully remove the 4 rubber pads around the MPx 200 screen. We have done this at TECHPAEDIA using a flathead screwdriver but we advise you use a very small screwdriver, like the ones used for spectacles as this will minimise damage to the rubber pads.

Screen Rubber Pads
Photo M.11

Removing the 4 rubber pads will expose 4 screws which can be removed using the Torx T5 screwdriver.


Step 7*
Lift up and remove the top cover – Photo M.12 This exposes another circuit board and the speaker, below which is the LCD screen.

Screen Case Unclip
Photo M.12


Step 8*

LCD Circuit
Photo M.13

Unclip Data Connector
Photo M.14

Just as in step 4 above, disconnect the other end of the data cable connector using the flathead screwdriver.

You should now be able to lift up the complete circuit board along with the LCD screen.

Photo M.15


Step 9*
It may now seem like your job is done but if you look carefully at what is left of the casing, you will notice the vibrate module - Photo M.16

Vibrate Module
Photo M.16

Lift the vibrate module up, holding it from the rotating metal end and pull it out.


Step 10*
To remove the data cable, open the phone to form a V-shape as in Photo M.17.

V Shape
Photo M.17

This creates a gap in the hinge area which allows you to pull out the cable.


Step 11
Take the plastic cover that was removed in Step 3 and push out the battery connector piece after pushing the four metal pins in, as shown in photo M.18

Battery Connector
Photo M.18