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Mona Lisa modernised in Beijing

Mona Lisa - Technology Smilinig

A copy of the Mona Lisa made from hundreds of computer parts is displayed at a high tech exhibition in Beijing, Thursday May 25, 2006. The work is titled Technology Smiling. Images of the Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci (1479-1528), have been seen around the world in recent days in promotions for the movie ‘The Da Vinci Code’. (AP Photo/EyePress)

Technology Smiling! It’s an interesting piece of art work that seems to have been made mainly from PC motherboard components! You can just about make out the many white PCI slots and the pink (serial?) ports! Definitely better work than some ‘work of art‘ I’ve come across in the past!

[Via Yahoo News Photo Highlight]

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Recharge your AA batteries in 15 minutes

Duracell has introduced their latest NiMh battery charger that will charge your batteries in 15 mins!

Duracell 15 min charger

It comes with four high capacity 2400 mAh AA batteries which will last 4 times longer than standard alkaline batteries: Very convenient for power hungry devices like digital cameras.

Duracell 15 min charger

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Motorola MPx200 Taken Apart

LCD Circuit

I have recently taken my MPx200 apart to replace the worn out casing/housing. I managed to get a replacement casing from eBay and I’ve compiled a page with instructions and pictures of how to take the MPx200 apart. You may also want to do this if you would like to paint your MPx200 case a different colour or if like me you would like to give your MPx200 a brand new casing.
Click here to find out how to Take Your MPx200 Apart

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