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We are looking for bloggers to contribute to the site. If you think this is for you, whether you are a long time Mac user, a recent switcher or considering switching, we would like to hear from you.

As a contributor to the blog, whether you are a college student contemplating a future career in technology or you already have a career, you will be able to:

- boost your resume/curriculum vitae

- improve your writing skills

- help the Mac community

- meet other Apple enthusiasts

- make your voice heard

For more information on this opportunity and details of how to apply, please see our Q&A below.

We look forward to receiving your applications.

Best of Luck,
Ash and James
The Apple Files

Questions & Answers

If your question is not answered below, please email us at the address below and we will respond to your query personally.


How to apply?
What will be required of me?
Do I need to know any HTML?
Will my posts be edited?
Do I get paid?
Why should I blog for The Apple Files when I can start up my own blog?

How to apply?

e-mail us at the address below with a short resume/cv, a sample post on a topic of your choice (Apple related of course) and tell us why you would like to join The Apple Files blogger community.

Send applications to: email.png

Closing date: Monday 15th October 2007

What will be required of me?

As a blogger at The Apple Files, you are able to write as little or as many posts as you like. However in order to maintain your blogger status, we ask that you make a minimum of one post every three months.

Do I need to know any HTML?

The Apple Files is powered by Wordpress which provides you with a very easy to use word-processor like interface.


Writing a post is just like using a word-processor. Simply use the toolbar provided to format your text, create links, insert images or to even spell check your post.

If you prefer however, you can write your own html for formatting your text by simply switching to the code view when writing.

If you are not familiar with Wordpress, we will provide you with support and guidance to get you started.

Will my posts be edited?

We strongly believe in freedom of expression. Unless your post violates the terms of service (copyright infringement etc.), it will not be edited.

Do I get paid?

At this point in time, this is not a paid position. The only source of income for The Apple Files is advertising. Currently, revenue from advertising is only just above what is required to pay for our hosting bills.

However, we expect our advertising revenue to increase as our blogging community grows. When this happens, the status of this position will be reviewed and a percentage of the revenue will be shared amongst bloggers based on both the number and overall quality of their posts.

However, as an incentive until our advertising revenue grows, there will be regular internal competitions amongst bloggers with a prize for the winner.

Why should I blog for The Apple Files when I can start up my own blog?

- The Apple Files currently attracts an average of 5000 visitors every month. This means that you will have people reading your blog posts as soon as you start blogging.

- Whether you are a new blogger or have already been blogging for some time, we will provide you with any support, advice or guidance you may require.

- Blogging with us is free! We take care of all the maintenance aspects of the site (including making regular backups) and pay for all hosting costs so you don’t have to.

- We are not just about blogging, you will also be part of a community. As a contributor, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with other bloggers with similar interests. We encourage contributors to interact with each other and we provide a contributors discussions forum where you can share your ideas for posts or just chat. We will also provide you with your very own ‘Contributor Profile’ page on the site.