Mac OS X Leopard Launch in Birmingham, UK

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A better quality version of the video is available from my .mac web gallery. on your Mac; Free 1GB account.

1 Comment » is a file host service that offers both free and paid accounts. The free account offers 1GB of storage and has a nice and simple web interface for interacting with your files. What does this have to do with Macs you ask? Well the guys over at UNEASYsilence found out that this web storage can be mounted on your Mac in a similar way to Apple’s own iDisk (which Apple charge for as part of their .Mac services).

Creating an account at is very simple (they require and email address, which serves as your login ID, and a password; the free account is then created right away). Mounting the online storage as a virtual hard-drive is also very simple.

Get your free account here:

1. Make sure the Finder is in focus and press command-K (this is the keyboard shortcut to connect to a server).

2. Now type in into the Server Address dialogue box and click connect (as shown below).

3. Enter the email address you provided as the “Name” and the password as the “Password”. You may also want to add this to your keychain if you are the only user of your account. Now click OK and the 1GB storage should be mounted on your desktop much like an external hard disk or CD is.

You can drag and drop files to and from the server, and if you are away from your Mac you can log into the website and have access to the files; Great! Well almost…See our next post for info regarding an annoying bug to do with this service and using your Mac to upload files. The workaround for the bug can now be found here.