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iPod Nano Display

Captivating display promoting the all new iPod nano. Spotted at The Apple Store on Regent’s Street, London.

Caring for your notebook battery

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battery.pngWhether it’s the battery in your iPod, MacBook or even iPhone, the fact is that the battery will eventually wear out in a few years and lose its ability to hold charge. In most cases, when this happens, you’ll either replace the battery or send it back to Apple to have them put a new one in or even replace the device altogether with a newer model. Each of these options cost quite a bit of money. Wouldn’t it be nice to prolong the life of your batteries as much as possible?

Well, here are some tips on how you can care for your batteries.
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YouTube videos on your iPod or in iTunes (FREE)


Downloading YouTube videos for offline viewing (on you iPod or in iTunes) is a lot easier than you may initially think. Of course, there are utilities like TubeSock that will copy videos from YouTube for you. This will however set you back $15. Why pay $15 when there’s a free and easy way to download videos from YouTube?

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Screen Saver on your iPod

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Creating a folder named Demo Mode on your 5G iPod and renaming a video of your choice Demo in iTunes will activate that video as a screen saver on your iPod when it’s charging!

[Via francisreal’s .mac webpage]

As noted,

This will only work on

  • 5th Gen video iPods
  • with the latest firmware
  • when the iPod is charging
  • but not playing any tracks

Read on for step by step instructions with screen shots.

A week with the 8GB nano


A week with the 8GB nano

Having picked up a 2nd Gen nano last Saturday from my local Apple Store (the same one where my fellow blogger Ash had trouble getting his MacBook repaired!) I thought I would share my thoughts on it, particularly since it is the first iPod I’ve owned.

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Photos of the iPod U2 “black metal back”

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I dropped by the local Apple Store this morning and they had the all new and all black U2 iPod on display! Yes, the back enclosure is really all black! However, it’s not a change to the matt black look of the new Macbook. It’s still a metal enclosure and slightly reflective as you can see in the pictures. Also, just like the traditional stainless steel mirrored finish enclosure, it is a fingerprint magnet.

What was interesting with the U2 iPod on display though is that it didn’t have any U2 music tracks on it!

iPod U2

iPod U2

iPod U2

iPod U2

[Update]: Bob Reck on Flickr has just received his new U2 iPod and posted some better quality pictures of the black metal back.

iLounge have also posted some shots of back enclosure the new iPod, some including the traditional iPod side by side with the new one for a fair comparison.

U2 iPod is back in 5G with video and black metal back!

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5G U2 iPod

Since the introduction of the 5th Generation iPods with video, the U2 iPod has been discontinued! Well, until today that is when Apple released it again not only in 5th Generation with video but also with a black metal back enclosure! That’s not all:

Even Better Than the Real Thing

The iPod U2 Special Edition also comes with an exclusive iTunes Music Store coupon you can redeem for a 30-minute video of music videos and band interviews.(2) Think of it as your virtual backstage pass.

The all new U2 5th Generation iPod retails for £239 ($329 in the US) and features solely 30GB storage. That’s an extra £20 ($30 for the US) for the red click wheel, the U2 signatures and the ITMS 30-minute video coupon. It is worth it? I suppose it depends on how big a U2 fan you are or how badly you want an all black iPod!

So, where is this business of all black enclosure going? Are we going to see an all black metal back enclosure in future iPods? Last summer, we saw Apple giving away free iPod minis (in the form of a rebate) for students who bought a Mac. Was this an attempt to help clear their stock of iPod minis to make way for the upcoming iPod nanos?

It looks like the same thing is happening again this year with the nano, at least in the US for now. Buy a Mac and get a free iPod nano. So, are we going to see an updated version of the nano towards the end of the year? Maybe with an all black metal back enclosure?

Original of The Species

Like no other, iPod U2 Special Edition stands out. Jet black, it bears a prominent red Apple Click Wheel, a full-color display and, on the flip side, the autographs of each U2 band member on striking black metal. Thanks to this unique partnership between U2 and Apple, U2 fans can finally find what they’re looking for.

Discounted iPod Hi-Fi and iPod nano

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If you been ogling that iPod and the iPod Hi-Fi in the apple store, you’d be glad to hear that you can get them for cheaper than in The Apple Store!

iPod Hi-Fi

OVERCLOCKERS UK (aka OcUK) are selling the iPod nano at even better discounted prices than we previously featured from amazon.co.uk!

The iPod Nano 4GB (Black) is currently retailing for £155.04 at OVERCLOCKERS UK and for £159.95 on amazon.co.uk. This is a further decrease even in amazon’s previous price of £172 in March 2006, while the 4GB nano still retails for £179 from The Apple Store. That’s an overall saving of about 13% from OcUK an almost 11% from amazon.co.uk

The iPod Hi-Fi is also available for a cheaper £230.24 from OcUK and an even cheaper £224.77 from amazon.co.uk, compared to The Apple Store’s price of £249! A saving of about 8% from OcUK and about 10% from amazon.co.uk

Thanks to Neil Holder for sending this one in!

amazon.co.uk beats the apple store on iPods


amazon.co.uk is selling iPods at discounted prices, prices actually cheaper than The Apple Store itself!

iPod 30GB
amazon.co.uk: £189.99
Apple Store: £219.00




Price comparison chart after the jump.

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iTablet or Video iPod?…Patent Applications

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The blog community has recently been reporting about various patent applications being made by Apple concerning touch screen displays and whether they point to a possible Macintosh tablet computer (jokingly called the iTablet by the Mac community) or a true video iPod with full touch screen interface (recalling that Steve Jobs clearly stated that the 5G iPod is not the eagerly awaited video ipod). This post will serve as a useful round-up for those interested (with plenty of pictures after the jump!)

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