31 days to go

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It’s D-31 for those of us based in the UK. It might seem like an eternity but let’s spare a thought for the folks over in Canada (and the other 192 countries):

We know just how it feels!

iPhone’s free Wi-Fi Acceptable Use Policy

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Apple makes it clear in their press release that use of the 7,500 Wi-Fi hotspots (provided by The Cloud) on the iPhone in the UK is subject to a fair use policy.

Most of us naturally assume that this imposes a limit on the number of GB one can use. However, looking at the Terms and Conditions for the service provided by The Cloud, the fair use policy does not necessarily impost a bandwidth limit! It mainly draws attention to unlawful/unethical activity and breaches of copyright.

From their knowledge base, however, they clearly indicate that they have set some common sense bandwidth usage guidelines but no actual transfer limit is specified. We’ll have to wait and see how this limit plays out and whether it is reasonable.
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Free Wi-Fi on iPhone in the UK

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iphone.pngOk, Apple is charging the folks in the US about $140 (£70) less for the iPhone but believe it or not, we are getting some extra value for this money here in the UK. What you ask? Free Wi-Fi access at over 7000 hotspots in the UK. Apple has teamed up with The Cloud to provide iPhone users with free unlimited access (subject to fair use).

This service on its own is worth £125 in value over the 18 month contract period (at £6.99 a month). So maybe we shouldn’t be so harsh on Apple for charging more for the iPhone in the UK.

Will I have free Wi-Fi access in my area?
You can look up the location Wi-Fi hotspots in your area here. Here’s the coverage in the centre of Birmingham:


The access points are located within pubs, hotels, restaurants and even public phone booths. I can hardly wait to be enjoying the free Wi-Fi on my iPhone while out on the town!

For the times when you are out of the range of a free Wi-Fi hotspot, you can always use the slower internet access via EDGE which is also free on iPhone (if you are amongst the 30% that’s covered).

iPhone in the UK

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iphone.pngApple has today announced that the iPhone will be available to UK customers exclusively on O2 as from the 9th of November. This was announced by Steve Jobs this morning at a press conference held at the Apple Store on Regent’s Street, London.

Here’s what you need to know if you are in the UK:
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