LaTeXiT and Pages; fixing misaligned equations


This follow-up post shows how to fix the placement of inline LaTeX equations placed in by the application on Mac OS X. This issue was highlighted in a comment by reader Fabien. By default, the image that has the latex equation will be embedded in the document slightly too high (as shown in the comparison below). That is to say that the baseline of the equation doesn’t match the baseline of the rest of the text.


Details of how you can solve this within after the jump.
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Random Shut Downs: Apple releases firmware update


Following recent contact between a major member of the media and Apple, it was revealed that Apple has today made a fix available for random shutdowns that will eliminate the need for customers to send their systems in for warranty service!

The fix takes the form of a SMC (System Management Controller) firmware update.

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Update on the cause of random shut downs


Jason Siebert, aka Sieb (thatsiebguy), who took the photo of the melted insulation featured on our demystified post points out that the shut downs may be caused NOT by an electrical short circuit problem but rather by the high levels of heat that the sensor cables are exposed to. Heat increases the resistance of the electric sensor cable and this results in a decrease in the current through the cable which in turns lead to altering the signal sent by the heat sensor (thermistor). If this signal indicates a high enough temperature, it is possible that the MacBook just shuts itself down to prevent any damage to the processor.

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Random Shut Downs Demystified!


Thanks to some pictures of the MacBook heatsink on Flickr, the cause of random shutdowns in the 13″ MacBooks is now clearer! As previously thought, it is indeed an insulation issue. Here’s a close up of a melted heat sensor cable:

The area where the cable insulation melts actually houses a pair of cables and it is suspected that this is where the short circuit triggering a shut down occurs (when those two cables make electrical contact).

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Apple sends memo to service providers

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According to AppleInsider, a memo has been sent to its service providers mandating that MacBooks affected by the Random Shut Downs be repaired with a matching logic board and heat sink.

More after the jump.

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Testing your MacBook for Random Shut Downs


Following the frustrating experience of having my MacBook shutting down without warning, I came across a terminal command that “tests” if your MacBook suffers from the issue. I thought I’d share this with everyone considering that many MacBook owners may not even be aware that their MacBook is faulty until it shuts down on them.

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Flickr Uploadr is slow? Here’s why…

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After using Flickr Uploadr on my MacBook, I noticed that it’s very slow, specially compared to when I was using it on Windows. I initially thought the slowness was due to my insufficient 512MB of memory on my MacBook. (My Windows machine had 1GB)

But after spending some time investigating this issue with the help of Activity Monitor, I found out that Flickr Uploadr was designed for PowerPC! It was also consuming a whopping 1.48GB of virtual memory along with 146MB of real memory. So, my guess is that it would have been (unefficiently) running under Rosetta.

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Apple replaced my clip-on adapter attachment

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You may remember from my last post that the clip-on plug for my MacBook’s adapter came apart after just two weeks of use.

However, you’ll be glad to hear that after a trip to the Apple store, I was given a free replacement plug without any hassle! No questions asked! They didn’t even ask to see my receipt.

Picture after the jump.

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Apple replaces discoloured MacBook cases


Discoloured MacBook

A few MacBook (white) owners have recently been reporting that the palmrest area on their MacBooks have been turning yellow/grey. While Apple initially blamed this discolouration on improper handling by the owner, they have now admitted that the plastics they used for the MacBooks were too porous. This caused oils to become embedded within it after prolonged use, which led to the discolouration.

If your MacBook is suffering from this discolouration, you’ll be glad to know that Apple will replace the top case with one that uses improved plastics material. Simply contact AppleCare and let them know.

On the other hand, if you have purchased a MacBook very recently or plan to purchase one, fear not because Apple are already using the improved plastics formulation in their production line. So, your new MacBook should not get discoloured.

From The Apple Core (

The newer top case is reportedly much smoother to the touch than the previous MacBooks which feel slightly rougher.

More on stained MacBooks at
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