LaTeXiT and Pages; fixing misaligned equations


This follow-up post shows how to fix the placement of inline LaTeX equations placed in by the application on Mac OS X. This issue was highlighted in a comment by reader Fabien. By default, the image that has the latex equation will be embedded in the document slightly too high (as shown in the comparison below). That is to say that the baseline of the equation doesn’t match the baseline of the rest of the text.


Details of how you can solve this within after the jump.
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Caring for your notebook battery

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battery.pngWhether it’s the battery in your iPod, MacBook or even iPhone, the fact is that the battery will eventually wear out in a few years and lose its ability to hold charge. In most cases, when this happens, you’ll either replace the battery or send it back to Apple to have them put a new one in or even replace the device altogether with a newer model. Each of these options cost quite a bit of money. Wouldn’t it be nice to prolong the life of your batteries as much as possible?

Well, here are some tips on how you can care for your batteries.
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Library - Interface with your library’s online catalogue

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Today I want to talk about a nice free (donationware) little menu-bar app that I have been using for quite some time - Library Books. In a nutshell, if your school, college or university library has a website you can log in to and view your library book loans etc, then this app should be able to do it too (their website lists the known supported libraries across the world, my university is not listed but it worked just fine; it uses the Talis Prism library software). The menulet (AKA menu-bar button) for this app is a star and will turn red to warn you just before books are due to be returned (you can choose how many days before).


More screenshots after the jump…
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