slideshow.pngOne of the main concerns expressed by new Mac OS X users relates to Finder. On the Windows side, users can view thumbnails and slideshows of their images from their Windows Explorer window. On Mac OS X however, many new Mac users do not realise that they can have this very same functionality right from within Finder. 

Granted, Mac OS X also ships with iPhoto which is miles ahead of Finder or Windows Explorer for managing your photos.But nonetheless, sometimes it’s just convenient to be able to view a slideshow or thumbnails right from within Finder.

Viewing a slideshow in Finder is very easy.  Open up the folder containing your photos in Finder and simply select the photos you would like included in the slideshow (by dragging your mouse) and click ‘Slideshow’. There you have it, a full screen slideshow! What’s more is that if while you are viewing the slideshow, you find a picture you really like, you have the option to import it into iPhoto right from the slideshow.


Another not so obvious feature of the built in slideshow is the ability to view your photos in an exposé style index similar to the one below.


This slideshow functionality is also accessible from In Preview, click on the ‘View’ Menu and then ‘Slideshow’ (Shift+Command+F).

For more on Finder and how you can configure it so show your photos as thumbnails, see our post on Photo Thumbnails in Finder.