MacBook RS: Life is Random

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Remember when Apple introduced the shuffle:

Life is random

Well it looks like the MacBook has also joined in.

This banner is not an advocation against Apple in any way but rather an attempt at keeping MacBook owners smiling through the bad times.

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MacBook gone for repairs


After sufferring yet another lot of random shutdown fits on Saturday, I decided to take my MacBook to the Genius Bar at the Apple store.

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Testing your MacBook for Random Shut Downs


Following the frustrating experience of having my MacBook shutting down without warning, I came across a terminal command that “tests” if your MacBook suffers from the issue. I thought I’d share this with everyone considering that many MacBook owners may not even be aware that their MacBook is faulty until it shuts down on them.

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MacBook Random Shut Down


My Macbook is now just over two months old and I’ve been extremely happy with it, until it suffered a series of random shutdowns immediately after logging in earlier today. This was followed by a simple refusal to start up. Overall, it was very much like what has been experienced by YouTube user, pippoburro: a series of shut downs, without any warnings!

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MacBook wants 4TB of hard drive space

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That’s right folks, my MacBook demands to have 4TB (no typo here, that’s Terabytes or 4000 GB) of space!

This happened when I tried turning on OS X’s File Vault’s feature, which (when it works) automatically encrypts and decrypts the contents of your home directory in real time.

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WWDC Keynote hints at a Finder Update?

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A lot of you will probably have seen the WWDC keynote by now. If you haven’t yet, you can stream it off Apple’s website.

As Jobs introduces Leopard (29mins08secs), he first says that there are some features he cannot show at the Keynote, in case Microsoft have their photocopiers on the ready! But did Apple’s Vice President for Platform Experience almost let out one of those features?

It might just be me being a bit too keen on an update to the Finder but if you forward to 36mins12secs, Scott Forstall (VP Platform Experience) is about to give a demo of Time Machine. He says:

“I’m gonna bring up the Finder. So, this is a standard Finder…”

Could this be a hint at the existence of the non-standard Finder in Leopard that is currently TOP SECRET? I guess only time will tell.

Fix for dark videos from HandBrake


If you haven’t come across HandBrake already, it is a free utility for ripping DVDs. It converts DVDs to either the MPEG4 format or to the iPod friendly H.264 format. HandBrake is also very customisable in terms of the frame rate, language selection, target file size and even subtitles.

However as you may have noticed if you’ve used HandBrake before, the videos encoded tend to be significantly darker than the original. A quick fix for this is to load the video into iTunes and convert it for iPod. In the banner below, you can see the difference between the HandBrake file (on the right) and the iTunes converted file (on the left).

To get iTunes to convert the video for iPod, simply import the file into your iTunes library, right click on it and select “Convert Selection for iPod“. Somehow, re-encoding the video file with iTunes makes your video brighter again!

It is however worth noting that the new file that iTunes will encode will be optimised for the iPod and therefore may not be of high enough quality to watch on a bigger screen.

Flickr Uploadr is slow? Here’s why…

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After using Flickr Uploadr on my MacBook, I noticed that it’s very slow, specially compared to when I was using it on Windows. I initially thought the slowness was due to my insufficient 512MB of memory on my MacBook. (My Windows machine had 1GB)

But after spending some time investigating this issue with the help of Activity Monitor, I found out that Flickr Uploadr was designed for PowerPC! It was also consuming a whopping 1.48GB of virtual memory along with 146MB of real memory. So, my guess is that it would have been (unefficiently) running under Rosetta.

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