All Pictures from Nokia N70 to Mac in seconds


OS X’s built in bluetooth file exchange utility seems to have been giving Nokia N70 users quite a bit of grief. In fact browsing the Nokia N70 from OS X is next to impossible. The only way to get your pictures across to your Mac so far has been by transferring them one at a time, which can be a painstakingly time consuming task.

There is however a work around that will let you transfer all of your pictures in one go.

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MacBook Sleeve by Tucano


I received the black Tucano sleeve for my MacBook from MacHeaven last weekend. Just like my previous sleeve from incase, the Tucano (Second Skin Folder) sleeve is also made of neoprene.

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My MacBook Cases (the lack thereof…)

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I thought it would be nice to review the cases I’ve been using to carry my MacBook around so far: Sleeves specifically designed to the dimensions of the 13″ MacBook are not yet widely available, at least here in the UK.


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Apple replaced my clip-on adapter attachment

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You may remember from my last post that the clip-on plug for my MacBook’s adapter came apart after just two weeks of use.

However, you’ll be glad to hear that after a trip to the Apple store, I was given a free replacement plug without any hassle! No questions asked! They didn’t even ask to see my receipt.

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MacBook AC Adapter attachment breaks

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As many Apple notebook owners will know and appreciate, the AC adapter ships with two attachments, a long cable and a small clip-on plug:

Long Cord Clip on Plug

I personally use the cord at home and the small clip-on plug, which is less bulky when I’m out. I actually find this very convenient as I can just leave the long cord plugged into the wall socket at home and just detatch the adaptor from it and clip the small plug on when I need to bring my notebook out.

However, when detatching the clip-on plug today, it simply came apart, exposing the wires.

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Apple replaces discoloured MacBook cases


Discoloured MacBook

A few MacBook (white) owners have recently been reporting that the palmrest area on their MacBooks have been turning yellow/grey. While Apple initially blamed this discolouration on improper handling by the owner, they have now admitted that the plastics they used for the MacBooks were too porous. This caused oils to become embedded within it after prolonged use, which led to the discolouration.

If your MacBook is suffering from this discolouration, you’ll be glad to know that Apple will replace the top case with one that uses improved plastics material. Simply contact AppleCare and let them know.

On the other hand, if you have purchased a MacBook very recently or plan to purchase one, fear not because Apple are already using the improved plastics formulation in their production line. So, your new MacBook should not get discoloured.

From The Apple Core (

The newer top case is reportedly much smoother to the touch than the previous MacBooks which feel slightly rougher.

More on stained MacBooks at
[Via The Apple Core,]