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Safari: Missing Features

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006


I have been using Safari for a good few days now and I really enjoy using it. Besides loading up a lot faster than Firefox, Safari is a lot more Mac like than Firefox. For instance, the Google homepage displays in a generic way within Firefox, as seen below:

However, in Safari, the page is more OS X like, with the blue shades outlining the text box and the round sided glass type Search and I’m Feeling Lucky buttons:

However, Safari does have its shortcomings. In fact, I feel it has quite a few missing features.


Switching: Finding the right software

Monday, June 26th, 2006

Finding the software on Mac OS 10 to do what I used to do on Windows XP has not been too difficult for me. My every day applications back on the PC included Firefox, Microsoft Outlook, GAIM/MSN Messenger, Flickr Uploadr and Nokia PC suite.

FirefoxSafariiCal Address Book iSyncAdium

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iWeb, my personal experience

Sunday, June 25th, 2006


From my previous post, you may have already seen my very first iWeb creation. As you might expect, it didn’t take very long at all to create the page. And it sure looks nice. However, iWeb has a long way to go before I would use it to create webpages that I can fully customise.


Clean your desktop; an applescript

Friday, June 23rd, 2006

AppleScriptI really like how my mac simplifies and automates a lot of tasks, but one of the biggest things that irks me is all the junk that fills up my desktop after downloading and installing things. I generally keep my desktop clean (with no HD icon) except maybe one or two things that are currently important (and I keep these on the far left of the desktop, out of the way of all the detritus that builds up on the right). Using the wonders of applescript I wrote a simple script that will trash the files and folders that are on the right hand side of my desktop, but not the left hand side! Here’s how I did it.


Goodbye Windows; Hello Tiger!

Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

The switcher in me was born after I used an iBook G4 for a few weeks last year. Since then, I never stopped considering permanently to Apple! And now that MacBooks have been introduced with Intel Core Duo technology, built in iSight and all the rest, I decided it was time to sell my Inspiron 9200 and get a MacBook!


I will be keeping you posted on my experience of the switch over the next few weeks, but until my next post, you are invited to take a look at my first iWeb creation:

A photo page of the unpacking of my MacBook.

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