If you been ogling that iPod and the iPod Hi-Fi in the apple store, you’d be glad to hear that you can get them for cheaper than in The Apple Store!

iPod Hi-Fi

OVERCLOCKERS UK (aka OcUK) are selling the iPod nano at even better discounted prices than we previously featured from amazon.co.uk!

The iPod Nano 4GB (Black) is currently retailing for £155.04 at OVERCLOCKERS UK and for £159.95 on amazon.co.uk. This is a further decrease even in amazon’s previous price of £172 in March 2006, while the 4GB nano still retails for £179 from The Apple Store. That’s an overall saving of about 13% from OcUK an almost 11% from amazon.co.uk

The iPod Hi-Fi is also available for a cheaper £230.24 from OcUK and an even cheaper £224.77 from amazon.co.uk, compared to The Apple Store’s price of £249! A saving of about 8% from OcUK and about 10% from amazon.co.uk

Thanks to Neil Holder for sending this one in!