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The corporate office telephone numbers beneath are for general switchboard request. It would be ideal if you coordinate all pre-deals and post-deals questions concerning our items to the Product Support contacts given beneath.

Report Illegal/Unethical Conduct

HGST is focused on standards of business morals and legal lead in the majority of its business operations.

On the off chance that you wind up plainly mindful of any unlawful or deceptive circumstance including HGST, including exploitative or unseemly lead; direct that abuses the law; direct that includes uncalled for bookkeeping hones or potentially false or deceiving monetary revealing; lead that damages HGST corporate guidelines, approaches or methods; or potentially perilous or dangerous working conditions, please illuminate us instantly.

You may report any presumed unlawful or unscrupulous circumstance utilizing HGST’s Ethics Hotline. To contact the Ethics Hotline by telephone, dial 1-877-548-6716. To make a report through the web, get to the online Ethics Hotline revealing framework.

You may report your worries secretly.