Removing invisible shield from iPod: Easy?

A few weeks back, I got an invisible shield for my iPod’s screen. I was so satisfied with it that I decided to go for a full body shield for my iPod.

Now that my all new full body shield is here, just how easy will it be to remove the old screen shield so that I can put on the new one? According to the FAQ on Shield Zone’s website,

Q: How do I remove the invisible SHIELD if I need to?
A: Removing the invisible SHIELD from your electronic device is easier than it may seem. It is much like peeling off a sticker. You will want to start at one corner and slowly peel back small pieces at a time until the invisible SHIELD has completely been removed from off of your device.

Is a material as tough as the invisible shield (which was originally designed to protect the edges of military helicopter blades) as easy to remove as Shield Zone claims? Let’s find out!

Conclusion: The invisible shield is strong enough that it won’t come off accidentally but if you need to take it off for any reason, that won’t be a problem! In fact Shield Zone recommends that you remove your shields if you have to send off your device for repairs and they will send you a brand new shield free of charge to replace it!

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