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June 19th, 2006

Through the use of mail forwarding, labels and filters you can eaily set up your GMail account to manage all of your other email accounts (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) in one place. Here’s how to get started:

First set up mail forwarding on your other (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) email accounts. You will most definitely find an option (under the settings/options menu) to set this up with most email providers. For example, for Yahoo! Mail, you go into “Mail Options” then click on “Pop Access and Forwarding” and type in the address to which you would like your email forwarded (in our case your main GMail account from which you would like to manage everything) and save the settings:

Yahoo Mail Forwarding

Once you have Mail Forwarding set up on all your email accounts (except for your main GMail account), you are ready for the next step.

Log into your main GMail account, that is the one from which you would like to manage all your other email accounts. Go to the Settings (located on the top right hand corner of the screen) and select Accounts. Add each of your other accounts by clicking on Add another email address.

Adding accounts to GMail

You now have the option of getting GMail to reply to emails in your inbox either:

  1. Using your GMail account or
  2. Using the respective email account (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) to which the email in your inbox was sent to. This allows you to use GMail to compose messages which will look like they are coming from say your Hotmail account, i.e. the message you compose will have your Hotmail address in the From Field.

Note: For each email address you add to your GMail, you will need to check it for for an email containing a verification code before the Account will be active within GMail. However, if you’ve followed this guide and set up the Forwarding first the email with the verification code will come to your GMail itself, saving you the effort of checking all your other accounts.

As it stands, once you’ve got all the accounts set up, you are good to go. All your emails will now come into your GMail account and you can use GMail to reply to all your emails as if you were replying from your other accounts: A drop down menu will appear from now onwards in the From field for every email you compose, letting you choose which account you want to send the email from.

However, you may still want to keep track of which messages were sent to which account, specially if you have an account for home, one for your online groups/forums, etc. You can easily do this by setting up the appropriate Labels and Filters within GMail. We will cover this in our next post. So check back soon.

If you would like to try out GMail but do not have an account, contact us with ‘GMail Invite’ in the subject line and we’ll send you a free invitation.

It is worth noting that GMail is made available only for Personal use as laid out in the official Terms of Use.

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    […] As promised in our first post on using GMail to manage all your email, we are going to show you how to set up filters and labels in GMail so that you can organise all email from a specific account within one folder. […]

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