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Mona Lisa modernised in Beijing

Mona Lisa - Technology Smilinig

A copy of the Mona Lisa made from hundreds of computer parts is displayed at a high tech exhibition in Beijing, Thursday May 25, 2006. The work is titled Technology Smiling. Images of the Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci (1479-1528), have been seen around the world in recent days in promotions for the movie ‘The Da Vinci Code’. (AP Photo/EyePress)

Technology Smiling! It’s an interesting piece of art work that seems to have been made mainly from PC motherboard components! You can just about make out the many white PCI slots and the pink (serial?) ports! Definitely better work than some ‘work of art‘ I’ve come across in the past!

[Via Yahoo News Photo Highlight]

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PayPal MobileIf you are planning to use PayPal mobile, you either have to remember their number, 62226 or save it in your address book to have handy access to the service when you are on the move. Wouldn’t it be cool if their number was simply paypal, i.e. 7299972555? (0)

PayPal goes mobile

PayPal MobilePayPal has launched a new service to let users send money by text messages (SMS) from their mobile phones. It’s very easy to set up and even quicker if you are already an existing PayPal member. After registering with PayPal, you provide them with your mobile telephone number and set up a PIN (Mobile PIN). This is different and separate from your PayPal password. You will then receive an automated call from PayPal asking you to confirm your PIN, after which you are ready to go!

To send money to someone, you simply text send 10.50 to 07123 456 789 to 62226 or you can also call 0845 355 0000 and follow the prompts.

Texting send 10.50 to 07123 456 789 to 62226 will send £10.50 to mobile number 07123 456 789

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The Lenovo Tapes: In the research lab

Lenovo is the largest PC manufacturer in China and they have purchased IBM’s PC division in 2005. However, this is not the most exciting thing about this company. They seem to have some amazing research going on in their research and development labs! have somehow got hold of some footage from their labs and they are up to some very cool stuff! It would take too many words to describe all this, so here’s the footage:



This last video could possibly be featuring technology similar to IO2’s heliodisplay!


Very cool, so cool in fact that the footage is suspiciously considered to be fake/have been doctored. Either way, I’m sure we all wish out laptops could do those amazing tricks!

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Google Notebook - Yet another Google Product!


Yet another product from the Google Labs: Google Notebook! It’s a simple internet browser (Internet Explorer and Firefox) add-on that lets you quickly and easily make notes from any web page right there within your browser.

Once the add-on is installed, you can make notes in your Google Notebook simply by first selecting the text/image you want to make a note of and then right clicking to bring up the context menu, as shown on the right. Upon clicking on Note This (Google Notebook), a note is automatically made in your Google Notebook and a small window (known as the mini Google Notebook) pops up on the bottom right of your browser confirming this (See screen shot below). You can then add your own comments to those notes or also make them public!

It’s a simple idea but whether it is for research, holiday planning or online shopping, Google Notebook promises to be a very effective tool.

Other features of the service include multiple notebooks and public notebook search (to be available in a few days).

Although opening a Google Notebook account is free and does not require an invitation, the account won’t give you access to GMail. If you need a GMail account, we are giving away free GMail invites! To request one, email us and type in GMail Invite in the subject line.

notebook confirm

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Find out what’s hot with Google Trends!

Google trends lets you quickly and easily find out what’s hot! Easily compare everyone interest in up to 5 topics of your choice! If this sounds too complicated, click here to see an example of how you can compare various things.

If you follow the link above, you can clearly and quickly see from the search volume results that Nokia has been the most popular, followed by Motorola and Samsung (very close) and least popular of those is Sony Ericsson. Also available is

  • a (news volume) chart showing how often each of the keywords you search for has appeared in Google News and
  • a bar chart showing the popularity of each keyword in different regions of the world

Interesting things to “Google Trend“:

It’s also quite informative to look up single keywords. For instance, “da vinci code” currently (May 2006) shows a very high peak. In fact the peak is currently the highest it’s ever been. My guess would be that the sudden surge of interest was triggered by the upcoming movie.

All results are based on (an approximated portion of) searches made through google and are therefore not 100% reliable. However it still provides a good indication of what’s hot and what’s not!

If you come up with any really interesting/revealing “Google Trended” keywords, feel free to drop us a mail.

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