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Use your mobile as a Remote Control for your PC/Mac

Ever wished you had a remote control for your computer to control your music, videos etc? Well now you do with Apple’s new range of Intel Processor Macs.

apple remote

However for those of us that are not fortunate enough to own one of the new Macs yet, there is a very cool application that enables you to use your bluetooth (or wi-fi) enabled phone (or PDA) as a remote control: Salling Clicker!

It is available for both Mac and Windows. So whether you have a bluetooth enabled Mac or PC, you’re in for the fun! If not, don’t despair, you can always bluetooth-enable your machine by using a bluetooth dongle.

Using a Nokia N70 as a remote control for iTunes

Over 100 different phones/PDAs are supported over Windows and Mac. Check the table on this page for your phone brand/model (for Windows). Mac Users click here.

Applications that can be controlled with Salling Clicker include:

  • Windows Media Player
  • Power DVD
  • Winamp
  • iTunes
  • - includes full library access, including podcasts, radio and album art (support varies on phone brand/model)

  • Power Point
  • - Give your presentation in style and change slides using your phone
    - Includes a preview thumbnail image of slides on the phone’s screen

  • Your computer
  • - Salling Clicker allows you to move the mouse pointer and to click remotely using your phone

[More Pics and Screen Shots]

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Recharge your AA batteries in 15 minutes

Duracell has introduced their latest NiMh battery charger that will charge your batteries in 15 mins!

Duracell 15 min charger

It comes with four high capacity 2400 mAh AA batteries which will last 4 times longer than standard alkaline batteries: Very convenient for power hungry devices like digital cameras.

Duracell 15 min charger

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Turn your PC into a MAC

Changing your Windows XP Graphical User Interface to look like MAC OS X
It’s easier than you may think!

OS X Within Windows XP

Click here to find out how.

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Your Picture in ASCII Art within seconds

ASCII-O-Matic is one very cool site that will convert any picture into ASCII Art within seconds.

From this:

einstein original

to this
einstein ascii

in 3 seconds and free of charge!

  • You have to stand a few steps back from your screen to fully appreciate the ASCII Art.
  • You can also opt for your ASCII in colour or in HTML.
  • The original image you upload to the ASCII-O-Matic needs to be 60 x 50 pixels.
  • Make your own at ASCII-O-Matic

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