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Night Vision Digi-Cam in a Flashlight

MII Flashcam

The MII Flashcam not only features a flashlight, an audio recorder and a digital video recorder but also boasts powerful night vision technology.

The MII Flashcam records video at a maximum resolution of 640 X 480 pixels and snapshots at a 3 Megapizel resolution. The flashcam will store up to 2 hours of video recording and also features a 1.5″ TFT LCD colour monitor.

Full specifications are available here.

No price is quoted on the manufacturer’s website but the flashcam is rumoured to retail at $2495 (approx. £1500)

MII Flashcam

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The Social Music Revolution - is a great site to discover new music and meet people who have the same taste in music as you. It works by keeping a record of the songs you listen to and comparing this to other users on the site.

Registration is free and the site supports most media players for both Windows and OS X. Upon registration, you are required to download and install a plugin that will upload details of the tracks you play to their database. And after you have listened to 300 songs, the site automatically loads up a list of other users who listen to the same type of music as you do.

Moreover, not only does suggest songs that you may like but they also offer you a personalised radio station that plays music to suit your taste!

A similar service is provided by Pandora. However, Pandora is currently only available to users from the United States due to audio streaming regulations although they are working on acquiring the proper licenses to provide the service to users outside of the US.

pandora Review of Pandora

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Project Your Display into Thin Air

IO2 Technology have developed a projector capable of displaying images in mid air without a screen!

It claims to work by modifying the air so that it can act as a screen but without adding any chemicals to it. The projector has been termed the Heliodisplay by IO2 Technology. From their website:

Operating the device will not change a room’s environment, air quality or other conditions. Air comes into the device, is modified then ejected and illuminated to produce the image. Nothing is added to the air so there isn’t any harmful gas or liquid emitted from the device. If a Heliodisplay were left running for a week in a hermetically sealed room, the only change to the room`s environment would be from the electricity used to run the device. Although the Heliodisplay uses lasers, the images are not holographic.

IO2 Projector Image 2

What’s more is that the display is interactive and can be used as a ‘touch screen’. The Heliodisplay connects to a computer via USB and a hand or finger acts as a mouse.

IO2 Projector Image 1

IO2 Technology expects that their projection system will find applications in:

retail stores
shopping malls
corporate lobbies

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