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iPod now Pre-Loaded with DVD content

TVMyPod, is a new service for the 5G iPod with video! The company offers the 5G (5th Generation) iPod preloaded with a selection of DVDs of your choice. A good range of TV shows, movies and music videos is already available.

Shows include all 10 seasons of Friends, The O.C., South Park, 24, and The Simpsons amongst many others.


TVMyPod will ship the iPod along with original DVDs of all preloaded content. Both the 30GB and 60GB models are available in black or white at the normal retail price and the DVDs are competitively priced.

Standard processing time for orders at TVMyPod is currently 3 to 5 weeks although a special 5 business day delivery service is available for an additional fee.

May 22nd, 2006
EDIT: TVMyPod has now been rebranded to “Load ‘N Go Video” and although they are not as geared towards the iPod anymore, they offer pre-encoded shows/DVD content for your Personal Video Player (PVP) which they ship along with the originals. They also offer brand new video players (Creative Zen Vision and Archos only - Sorry no iPods anymore) pre-loaded with shows of your choice.

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Video Dating on your iPod

iPod Dater

Internet dating has been very successful for many companies already. Now, the widespread introduction of the 5G (5th Generation) iPod with built-in video functionality has triggered a new dating concept.

It seems is the first to tap into this market by offering a video dating service through the iPod. Users can download video clips of potential matches and post their own videos.

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BBC On Demand TV

The BBC is running a trial of their Internet Media Player (iMP) which offers on demand TV and radio programmes for up to seven days after they have been broadcast.


iMP is based on P2P technology and has DRM (Digital Rights Management). The downside is that the DRM ensures the downloaded shows are deleted from your PC seven days after the broadcast date. But it does support the transfer of content to portable devices.

The trial is currently only under Windows but if the service is approved, it could soon be available on other platforms such as OS X and Linux.

If you are interested in participating in the trial, you can express your interest on the iMP’s registration page.

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Bye Bye Fuzzy Photos

A Computer Science graduate at Stanford University has developed a camera that won’t let you take a blurry photo ever again! Instead of focusing on a subject before shooting a picture, it stores information from all focusing distances and lets you decide what you want to focus on after you’ve taken the picture.

The device is known as a light field camera and could prove useful in boosting the picture quality of pictures that are prone to be out of focus, such as CCTV surveillance camera pictures.

The Times Online

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Welcome to Techpaedia

Welcome to - Explore everything about the coolest technology!

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